Q & A

KARTON gets that cardboard furniture is a totally new idea for most people. That's why we've tried to answer your questions in advance. Of course, if there's anything KARTON hasn't covered, be sure to ask: [email protected].

Cardboard, really?

YES, really! You'll have to forget everything you think you know about cardboard, and discover that KARTON offers an impossibly strong and exceptionally handsome way to sleep, sit, store and live.

But, we’re talking about cardboard furniture here. Is it strong enough?

You will be blown away by the incredible strength of KARTON. Super high-grade corrugated paper board means that KARTON products are often stronger than you need them to be

What if I spill something on it?

Quick action and an absorbent cloth will solve most liquid disasters. However, left to absorb into the paper surface, a spill will penetrate and leave a mark.

Can I paint or varnish my KARTON purchase?

Yes. KARTON plays very nicely with water-based polyurethane and paints. These add a layer of waterproofing and added protection against wear & tear.

I have two left hands and am hopeless with an Allen Key. How will I manage putting it all together?

KARTON products do away with tools all together and instead rely on a clever system of folds and tabs to take shape. Each product comes with simple, printed assembly instructions, but we totally get that most people aren’t engineers, so we also offer step-by step, iPhone-friendly video instructions online!

Anything I should know before I start?

For best results, follow these simple steps:

1. Use two hands and even pressure
2. Always fold to 90 degrees or more
3. Patience is a virtue, forcing is never good

Is KARTON friendly on the environment?

Absolutely. Here are the straight up facts:

  • Our board is made from a mix of virgin and recycled paper (the virgin pulp provides superior strength)
  • Every product is 100% recyclable
  • Any glues used in our products are non-toxic and made from vegetable starch
  • Ironically, the Karton office is a paper-free one. When we do use the printer, it’s filled with recycled paper.

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