Get Krafty!

It's time to get krafty with your Karton products! Our whole range is made from super high-grade corrugated paper board which not only makes it strong but it also means you can do all kinds of creative stuff with your furniture! Karton plays very nicely with water-based polyurethane and paints, but you can go ahead and try all kinds of things, we have! 

Like that time we collaborated with Murobond Paints and got very krafty with our Hex Stools and Chairman's Table. 


Or that time we played with some mt.maskingtape (aka Washi Tape) to customize a Hex Stool... 

Or maybe that time we got fancy with some gold spray paint... 

Or even the time we took a turn toward Mexico with our Paperpedic Bedside Table... 

Whatever crafty adventures you want to get up to, Karton furniture will go along for the ride with you! Remember to check out the Karton Krafts tab on our Facebook page if you want a more detailed look, here > 

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