Creative Wall Treatments Are Back!

Wallpaper. (noun.) a kitsch wall covering, best left behind in the '70s. Or is it? Thankfully, no! There's just so much you can do with creative wall treatments now thanks to technology, and it's not confined to the 2D world. 

People are increasingly moving away from the more traditional wallpaper and exploring more creative and alternative options to really show off their personality and creative flair. For example, those in the know are all over our PaperForms! 

What are PaperForms? They're 3D modular wall tiles made out of cardboard, which would allow you to transform a wall, a room or heck… even a whole house, quickly! You can use double-sided tape for a temporary change or wallpaper paste for a more permanent one.

But the best thing about them is that you can paint them with latex or water-based paints and really let your personality shine. Check out just some of the things you can do with PaperForms below! 


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