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KARTON is what you get when you leave a stack of cardboard sheets alone in a room with some of Europe’s brightest engineers. KARTON is affordable, durable and beautiful. It's also 100% recyclable. Move it, flatten it, store it or leave it exactly where it is. Each flat-packed, home-delivered KARTON paper stack folds to reveal an impossibly strong and exceptionally handsome way to sleep, sit, store or live. A clever (and relationship-saving) system of folds and tabs makes assembly a cinch with no tools or glue required Discover the flexibility and convenience of a dining table you can carry across the room, a bed you can flatten when your guests head home and a kid's table that relishes a lick of finger paint! KARTON is about keeping things easy and proof that handsome European design doesn't have to be expensive. It's available exclusively online, so there's no middle-man. JOIN THE FOLD and see for yourself.

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